Puleeez… No Nonsense!

Attention Serious Thinkers:

I’m a no-nonsense kind of guy. If you ask me, nonsense is for nonsensical kinds of people. Do you remember how much fun it was being a kid just full of nonsense?

When my son was a small child he would get all wrapped up in his own little world of nonsense-sometimes driving me to the point of aggravation. That’s when nonsense is for the birds.

Of course we all know that there is a time and place for this mind-set. The nonsensical goes a long way to enlivening a fantasy film. What childish cartoon would be complete without a double dollop of nonsense anyway? And then there’s politics.

Now when you get down to talking about scientific writing it’s a sure thing, and I do mean a-sure-thing, that the audience will flat-out shun any hint of nonsense.

How might one attempt to foist even a shred of credibility when espousing the charms of space capsules painted pink or purple when everyone knows that space capsules are white for goodness sake. Well…maybe silver on rare occasions.

Wouldn’t you admit that no one’s getting far into their trek to the peak of Everest with a mixture of Nitrous Oxide in their breathing apparatus. The team might have a few laughs along the way but don’t look for any monuments testifying to your pinnacle achievement-right?

So…you think you want to get something done. That’s outstanding. Let’s get started. And remember my personal favorite mantra–“Lead, Follow, or get out of the way”!

Sometimes people get put off by my no-nonsense approach but you know what I tell ’em?

I’m only kidding!


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