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Now available at Amazon.com

Now available at Amazon.com

Keeping your loved ones safe “To Play Another Day”. Isn’t that what we all want? A father’s experience with a growing boy shows just how much you don’t know what you don’t know.
Some eye-popping accounts of OMG! Real, live, now inside the pages. From the abduction resistance training to avoiding a terminal crushing injury with tongue slightly in cheek you will come away with a keener eye for hidden hazards. Out-and-about or safe at home; You need to know what you just don’t know.
Knife throwing for 8 an year old? They called it “Mumbly Peg” when I was a kid – sort of. Times change

Mike (a.k.a.

Welcome to WebMojo. We’re going places and want you to come along. Live your Dreams!

Let me help you realize your vision. Do you have a project that you’d like made into an Audio Book or Lesson/Series. Perhaps just a personal message to that special someone. Whatever your Audio needs may be let us produce a polished finished product. Several formatting options available including .mp3, .wav.

An inquisitive sort, I do a lot internet research and I’ve gotten darn good at finding stuff out, here on the web or in an actual records department.

At only $50.00 per research hour for you’ll find our services to be very comprehensive as well as competitive. Send us your next research assignment and we’ll prove it to you.

Web content is all the buzz lately (like for the last twenty years) and we’re happy to provide quality written content, photo-journal and other imaging services. Ghost Writing Services are available as well.

Consistently Offering Very Reasonable Rates for ALL QUALITY SERVICES. Simply leave a comment and we can get startedOr if you prefer to send email address to laboom.ms@gmail.com if you have no email client just copy and paste into your email contacts.

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